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ImmumaxPro ImmumaxPro
for Menfor Women


Immunenax Pro - Max Biocare Designed for adults living and working in urban, highly populated areas, Max Biocare’s ImmumaxPro is a natural formulation combining vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B2,...
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Bright Kids Bright Kids
for Babies & Childrenfor Men

Bright Kids

Max Biocare’s Bright Kids® makes getting omega-3’s easy, with convenient and ultra-delicious orange flavoured chewable capsules. Suitable from 6+ months, Bright Kids® supports brain and central nervous system development, cognitive and mental...
Hominax® Hominax®
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Hominax® - Max Biocare SPECIAL PROMOTION: Add two to cart and enter code HOMINAX when you check out to receive the second one FREE “It takes two to tango”! In addition...
Pacobra Pacobra
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Pacobra - Max Biocare Pacobra® combines five important botanical ingredients, including Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) whole plant extract, with Gingko, Korean ginseng, Schizandra and Guarana, which have been shown to be...
Maxucosa® Maxucosa®
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Maxucosa® - 500mg of Fucoidan for Anti-aging and Immunity Maxucosa® delivers the highest strength, pure fucoidan, in a single 500mg capsule, formulated for anti-aging, antioxidant, immune system health, skin health...
Auscalmax Auscalmax
Featuredfor Babies & Children


Auscalmax - Max Biocare Max Biocare’s Auscalmax aids healthy bone development, growth and building, helps to enhance bone strength as well as healthy teeth and muscle function. Our delicious strawberry...
Restorel Restorel
for Menfor Women


Restorel - Max Biocare The combination of herbs and nutrients in Restorel supports optimal liver function and health, enabling it to perform as the body’s detoxification center. Liver function and...
Tregocel® Tregocel®
for Menfor Women


Tregocel® - Max Biocare Max Biocare’s Tregocel® is a clinically validated formulation with Meriva®* curcumin, plus extracts of Frankincense, Devil's claw, Celery and Ginger, designed to support the health and...
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