The Little Étoile baby food and formula product family follows the strictest principles in product research & development, as well as stringent quality control that is time-tested through 21 years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Science.

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Max Biocare - IQShield Max Max Biocare - IQShield Max
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Max Biocare - IQShield Max

IQShield Max - Max Biocare Max Biocare’s IQShield® Max is a natural formulation in yummy chewable soft capsules to support the immune system in children to fight illness and reduce...
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Apple, Banana & Pear + Pear, Mango & Banana [ Bundle of 18 ]
Baby Foodfor Babies & Children

Apple, Banana & Pear + Pear, Mango & Banana [ Bundle of 18 ]

The bundle includes: 9 x LEO Apple, Pear, Banana 9 x LEO Pear, Mango, Banana   Apple, Banana & Pear - Little Étoile Organic A healthy and delicious start to fruits The...
Baby Foodfor Babies & Children

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Corn [Bundle of 18]

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Corn - Little Étoile Organic The perfect way to introduce veggies This delicious and healthy blend is a perfect way to introduce veggies. The nutritional mix...
Fruits Bundle
Baby Foodfor Babies & Children

Fruits Bundle

Apple, Banana & Pear - Little Étoile Organic A healthy and delicious start to fruits The combination of the creamy, naturally sweet bananas and the crisp, fresh pears and apples...
Baby FoodBaby Formula

Little Etoile Premium Toddler Formula and Organic Baby Food Bundle

The bundle includes: 1 x Little Etoile Premium Toddler Formula Sachet (Stage 3) 1 x Little Etoile Organic Apple, Pear, Banana 1 x Little Etoile Organic Vanilla Flavoured Custard 1 x Mr. Sandwich...
Baby FormulaFeatured

[Little Etoile Koala] Premium Toddler Formula Little Etoile Nutrition Stage 3 with a FREE Koala soft toy

Little Etoile Koala Bundle Bundle Includes: 3 x Little Etoile Nutrition Premium Toddler Formula (Stage 3) 1 x Koala soft toy for free (RRP $25)   Premium Toddler Formula - Little...
Baby Foodfor Babies & Children

Peach & Pear Custard [ Bundle of 3 ]

Made using fresh organic milk, with naturally sweet peach and pear puree, our custard varieties are always a winner. Providing a source of calcium and phosphorus and with no added...
Max Biocare - Bright Kids Max Biocare - Bright Kids
for Babies & Childrenfor Men

Max Biocare - Bright Kids

Max Biocare’s Bright Kids® makes getting omega-3’s easy, with convenient and ultra-delicious orange flavoured chewable capsules. Suitable from 6+ months, Bright Kids® supports brain and central nervous system development, cognitive and mental...